Watch This Iron Chef Turns Taco Bell Into a Gourmet Meal

Known for his appearances on Top Chef and intense battles on the Food Network‘s Iron Chef America, Susur Lee has made a name for himself with his eclectic culinary style is described as “fusion cuisine.” Serving as the manager of Susur Lee Restaurant Group, the Canadian chef also enjoys taking part in the videos of his Youtuber sons Kai, Levi, and Jet Bent-Lee. Most recently a video series launched by son Jet Bent-Lee which sees Susur reimagine familiar fast food into gourmet meals has taken off on TikTok.

In one of the videos, Susur is seen learning about Taco Bell‘s menu offerings before giving the items provided a try. With a Bean Burrito, various tacos, Crunchwrap Supreme, Fries Supreme, Cinnamon Twists and sauces, the chef theorizes an original two-course meal. Utilizing his culinary skills to craft an impressive soup and dessert accented by brilliant plating displays.

Watch Susur Lee turn Taco Bell into a gourmet meal above.

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