Watch the Trailer for New 'Blade Runner' Anime Series 'Black Lotus'

Adult Swim and Crunchyroll have dropped off a new trailer for their upcoming anime series, titled Blade Runner: Black Lotus.

The show takes place in Los Angeles in the year 2032, landing on the Blade Runner franchise’s timeline in between the original Harrison Ford film set in 2019 and the sequel movie starring Ryan Gosling set in 2049. The new series’ plot centers on a brand new replicant named Elle, otherwise known as the “Black Lotus,” who is on the run from authorities after escaping her creators.

As the series progresses, Elle uncovers new facets to her identity, including conspiracies about her creation and her expertise in combat with a katana, that ultimately shape the direction of the storyline. Voice actor Jessica Henwick plays Elle in the English adaptation, while Arisa Shida voices the protagonist for the Japanese edition.

Directed by Shinji Arakmaki and KEnji Kamiyama — the duo behind Ghost in the Shell: SAC 2045 — the 13-episode series will run beginning this fall, via Adult Swim and Crunchyroll. Shinichirō Watanabe, director of Blade Runner: Black Out, has returned as a producer alongside Alcon Entertainment and animation studio Sola Digital Arts.

Watch the official Blade Runner: Black Lotus trailer above.

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