Wack 100 Reveals He Tried to Warn Pop Smoke About Staying in an Airbnb Before His Death

Wack 100 shared that he tried to warn Pop Smoke about staying in an Airbnb in Los Angeles just four days before his death.

In a recent No Jumper interview, he revealed that he spoke to Birdman in an attempt to get to Pop Smoke. “Check into that W Hollywood. Stay away from them Airbnbs on this West Coast until you get your weight up, until you get your politics right, when you moving with the right team. Go to one of them hotels bro and be a little safe about it,” Wack 100 explained.

“I told him four days before to get that man out of there and send him to the W,” he added. “I was in Europe and Avery or Monte Lipman had called through Birdman and they was kinda asking me. I said, ‘Yo, get him out of there and send him to the W Hotel, man.’ You know what I mean? Because I started getting calls from my people that ‘Yo, the homegirls was just up there and this and that, and this and that.’ You get 15 chicks, they all got brothers or uncles, a nephew or a n***a or a pimp, this, this, that, and first thing we ask is, ‘What them n****s got up in there? What they doing? How many of them? They got guns? They got jewelry? Send the pindrop.’”

Wack 100 continued, “It’s what this is, you know what I mean? So I’d just strongly, you know, advise when y’all on your way up, you know, take small steps, man… Check in is not no punk sh*t.”

Watch Wack 100’s full No Jumper interview above.

In related news, Pop Smoke’s second posthumous album Faith debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200.
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