Vinnie Hager's "Diary" Project Guides Us Through an Artistic Revolution

Baltimore-based artist Vinnie Hager is growing his potential across global corners, preparing to release public artwork in his largest project to date. Hager’s playfully creative approach is equally chaotic and balanced, delivering hand-scribbled graphics that awaken your inner child.

Hager will unveil his intimate personal project, “Diary,” early next month, combining diverse artistic practices across photography and drawing. “Diary” guides us through his creative evolution since 2016, releasing over 100 artworks as NFTs that merge digital and physical realities. The pieces were created over seven years and tell a touching story about Hager’s personal life, including parental and personal loss.

Hager’s “Diary” series previews black-and-white self-portrait photographs taken on his local streets, brought to life with blurred and aged finishes. His illustrations show cartoon characters in alternate universes, seeing bulging crocodiles and ill hearts sit next to smiley faces, Illuminati symbols, three-dimensional lettering, and more.

Vinnie Hager’s “Diary” art project will launch exclusively at OpenSea’s NFT marketplace on September 7 at 2 p.m. EST.

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