Twitter Launches Close Friends List-Type Feature, Twitter Circle

Twitter has rolled out Twitter Circle to everyone on the platform, granting users more control over how they tweet and who sees their content.

Twitter Circle allows users to add up to 150 people who can see their tweets on a tweet-by-tweet basis, essentially the equivalent of Instagram’s private or “close friends” story. Fellow users won’t be notified of any changes, such as if they’re added or removed, from your Circle.

The company initially began testing out the feature with a limited group of users in May, citing that it received an abundance of requests to make the feature available to the wider community.

“I love Twitter Circle because it allows you to curate a community within your community,” Twitter user Sean Garrette wrote. “Someone like me who has a larger platform can’t always be as open and connected with my friends the way I want to on Twitter, so this allows me to be able to connect with my broader audience, as well as my personal friends all on the same timeline!”

A Twitter spokesperson shared that Twitter Circle led to users tweeting more, as well as greater engagement on their tweets. The feature creates a sense of intimacy between users, perhaps empowering some to feel more comfortable and connected on the platform.

All Twitter uses can try out Twitter Circle on the app or on the web version now.

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