Twitch streamer caught in Turkey earthquake still unaccounted for

The fate of a Turkish Twitch streamer remains unknown as he was last seen hiding under his desk during the powerful earthquake.

An earthquake of magnitude 7.8 rocked Turkey and Syria in the early hours of February 6, causing the death of more than 600 people and thousands of injuries. 

Rescue teams have launched operations in multiple areas, trying to locate and help survivors who have been trapped under the rubble. 

The first few seconds of the earthquake were caught on camera by a Turkish Twitch streamer before his broadcast was suddenly interrupted. 

Kirmizikep, whose real name is Burak Şener, was playing The Long Dark as usual, before he felt like something was not right. 

The streamer left his chair and quickly hid under his desk, as soon as he realised his apartment had started to move. 

‘God, it’s an earthquake,’ Kirmizikep exclaimed. 

The streamer stayed under his desk as the tremors seemed to get stronger and stronger, with some of his belongings falling to the floor in the background. 

‘Guys, it’s so bad. Oh my god… Look at the building,’ the streamer said in a shaken voice. 

Shortly after that his stream was cut off, leaving his viewers worried about his wellbeing. 

His chat was filled with messages of support and prayers as people hoped nothing bad had happened to him.

In a bid to help Kirmizikep, his viewers tried to figure out where he lives in Turkey, with one person suggesting he’s from the Hatay province. 

Hatay province is the northernmost province of Turkey, and it’s quite close to the epicentre of the earthquake, which was in the Pazarcik district of Kahramanmaras province. 

In Hatay, the only runway at the airport has been shattered and left fully unusable, meaning the impact of the earthquake has been dire. 

The streamer hasn’t posted any updates on social media since he was last seen during his Twitch broadcast. 

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