Twice singer's 'stalker' said to be in South Korea

SEOUL • Over the past few months, a German man called Josh (above right) has alarmed fans of Twice singer Nayeon (left) with his online declarations that he wants to marry her and settle down in Australia.

Now, the fear factor has risen several notches after he posted that he is in South Korea.

Josh, 25, posted that he wants to talk to Nayeon, 24, adding he will try to get help from the head of JYP Entertainment, which manages the girl group Twice.

According to the popdust portal, Josh posted a video in October of his previous South Korea visit, turning up at locations where Nayeon had visited in the past.

He also asked shopkeepers to forward his letter to the singer if they saw her.

Back in South Korea again, Josh has deflected talk that he is a stalker, posting that “I love her as the human she is, not because she is an idol. I don’t care about her job”.

“She might have heard fake news about me and I have to tell her my side of the story.”

JYP has issued a statement that it is aware of the situation and will take all steps to protect its artists.

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