Trevor Noah Has A Tucker Carlson-Themed Way To Update Nixed Dr. Seuss Books

Trevor Noah thinks a compromise can be reached with Dr. Seuss Enterprises over its decision to stop the publication of six books containing racist and outdated imagery.

And it involves Fox News personality Tucker Carlson, who is known for sowing division, attacking immigrants and peddling white nationalist rhetoric on his widely watched prime-time show.

On Tuesday, “Daily Show” host Noah first debunked the right-wing talking point that the books are the latest victims of “cancel culture.”

“Let’s be honest about what’s happening here,” he said. “An organization is making a decision on its own that they don’t want to be associated with their own outdated and offensive imagery. That’s not being canceled.”

Then came the Carlson-themed ding:

“Instead of getting rid of the books completely, they can just update the imagery. For example, take that offensive drawing of the two African men and put it in a Tucker Carlson thought bubble, that way we all understand, ‘Ah, this is racist.’”

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