Trailer for New DC Series 'DMZ' Reveals an Abandoned New York City Under Distress

DC Comics fans can finally catch a glimpse of what to expect for HBO Max‘s upcoming new series, DMZ. The streamer has officially dropped the first trailer, just a week before the its debut.

DMZ first originated as a graphic novel and hit shelves in 2005. The story tells the tale of an alternate New York City, opposite from its known hustling and bustling environment. An empty metropolitan is divided by the second American Civil War and is set post-9/11 where internal conflict can be seen due to the U.S.’s stance of military interventionism. HBO Max’s version of the story is quite different from the Brian Wood and Riccardo Burchielli-created comic.

The series stars Rosario Dawson as the titular character Alma, who is a medic who makes her way through the DMZ in a desperate attempt to locate her missing son. This is different from the comic, which originally followed a photojournalist named Matty Roth. The streamer has not revealed how much of the actual comic’s storyline it has kept. DMZ arrives on HBO Max on March 17. Wach the trailer above.

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