This Surprising Member of the British Royal Family Tied With Kate Middleton As Fourth Most Popular Royal

It’s not a secret that Kate Middleton is one of the most beloved members of the British royal family in the UK. In fact, according to this new poll, she ranks at number four underneath Prince William and Princess Diana. But she’s not the only one with the number two spot, because Princess Anne tied exactly with her on this new poll.

In a poll created by the former chairman of the Conservative Party named Lord Ashcroft, he surveyed over 22,000 people in 15 different nations to see what the public was thinking about the royal family, and who they loved the most.

Anne and Kate tied for fourth place, with Diana only being a teeny bit higher than both of them.

According to Ashcroft, per Express, the reason Anne tied with Kate was her dedication to her job and the fact that she doesn’t seem to have a need to be in the spotlight.

“Princess Anne is never in the limelight but she’s coined as the hardest-working royal. She didn’t want all the pomp, she didn’t give her children titles,” he said. “She told them they had to go out and get jobs, and they’ve done that.”

Kate was also commended for her charity work, but Anne received the most praise for the fact that she continually goes to the most royal engagements in a year for the past few years.

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