This is how the Gogglebox families reacted to the Meghan and Harry interview

Last night’s episode of Gogglebox saw the families react to Meghan and Harry’s interview with Oprah Winfrey, including discussions of race and their mental health struggles.

Since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s interview with Oprah Winfrey aired in the UK earlier this week, there has been much discussion about the couple and the shocking revelations that came out during the interview. Last night, we saw the cast of Gogglebox sit down to watch it and there were some poignant moments of empathy for the couple and for Meghan in particular. 

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The Channel 4 show showed us how the families reacted to some of the most controversial moments of the interview, including Meghan’s comment that there were concerns about her son’s skin colour before he was born and her opening up about her mental health.

Before the interview began, Izzi claimed that she was “on the fence” about Meghan and Harry but when she heard Meghan talking about her suicidal thoughts she responded, “Nobody deserves to feel like that.” 

Her sister, Ellie, claimed, similarly, that, “I actually think Meghan’s really brave doing this interview because she’s going into this knowing, full well, that everything she says is going to be scrutinised.” 

Meghan’s honesty about the grief she felt during her time working as a royal made for difficult but moving viewing.

Sophie acknowledged the importance of speaking out about mental health struggles, “If you’re not well, you’re not well. If you need help, good on you for speaking out.”

The Gogglebox families also sympathised with Harry when he discussed his difficult relationship with his father and Twitter users enjoyed Mica’s comment that, “Sometimes you’ve got to leave the WhatsApp group babes.”

“So perfect in so many ways,” tweeted one viewer.

“LOVE IT!” another Gogglebox fan commented. 

“So wise,” another Twitter user commented.

Gogglebox also aired Piers Morgan’s comments about Meghan on Good Morning Britain, including the moment when he stormed off the set.

The families were particularly shocked by his comments about how Prince William had processed the death of his mother compared to Prince Harry.

“People deal with trauma in different ways – you can’t just tar them with the same brush,” offered Baasit.

When Piers left the Good Morning Britain set, Marcus responded by saying, “This is amazing what Meghan and Harry’s story has done to the bloody world!”

After a week of intense discussions about the couple and the implications of them leaving the royal family, we’re inclined to agree. 

It’s weeks like these when we’re particularly happy to have Gogglebox on our screens, as the familiar faces we know and love react to the same big moments as us, not to mention the much-needed laughs they often provide.

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