Think you know Romeo And Juliet? Disney+’s Rosaline is the Shakespearean drama with a twist

Disney+’s Rosaline promises the classic tale of Romeo And Juliet, but with a teen comedy twist that is sure to mix up Shakespeare’s cautionary tale.

Everyone knows the story of Juliet and her Romeo. But what about Rosaline?

Mentioned simply in passing in the classic tale of forbidden love, Rosaline has existed merely as a background character for as long as the story has existed, serving as Romeo’s unrequited love interest before he falls for Juliet.

But Rosaline has other ideas for the previously inconsequential character.

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Period-with-a-twist is nothing new, and with the likes of Bridgerton and Persuasion recently dominating our screens, there’s definitely a market for classic stories with updated, relatable characters.

Coming to Hulu and Disney+ on 14 October, Rosaline is the newest instalment in the classic revival trend and follows the story of Rosaline, played by Kaitlyn Dever of Booksmart and Dopesick fame, as she endeavours to win back her ex-boyfriend Romeo by cooking up a plot to break up the famous young lovers.

In the trailer, we meet the titular character, who spies on the famous balcony scene and confides with her nurse about her Montague-based lovesickness.

“Romeo and Juliet… it doesn’t even sound right,” she laments.

Kaitlyn Dever as Rosaline in the new Disney+ series.

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There are snippets of Rosaline unsubtly stalking Romeo and trying to sway Juliet away from her ex by taking her to a seedy tavern where they are greeted by cheers of enthusiastic male patrons.

Dever’s Rosaline seems sharp, witty and determined to re-correct the course of what we know as literary legend. With Charli XCX’s I Love It blasting throughout, the trailer promises mischievous scheming, hijinks and teen drama. (And a bit of death-faking, of course.)

Historically, teen-skewed literary-to-cinematic adaptations have always been popular. With She’s The Man, 10 Things I Hate About You, Clueless and She’s All That secured in the genre, modern twists on well-loved classics have proved to be fashion-changing, slang-forming, and iconic in their own right. 

Kaitlyn Dever and Isabela Merced as Rosaline and Juliet in the new Disney+ series.

Rosaline looks like it might very well be up for inserting itself in this collection. With a screenplay penned by Scott Neustadter and Michael H Weber, writers of (500) Days Of Summer and The Disaster Artist, this film is set to be comedic and quirky with a teenage twist.

With Dever leading the cast and joined by Isabela Merced as Juliet, Kyle Allen as Romeo and Minnie Driver as The Nurse, Rosaline is sure to be an energetic reimagining of the classic cautionary tale. Romcom lovers, this one’s for you. And hopefully this time it won’t end in such woe. 

Rosaline premieres on 14 October 2022 on Hulu in the US and Disney+ in the UK.

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