‘The Wire’ Creator David Simon Pays Tribute to Michael K. Williams

David Simon, the creator of HBO‘s The Wire, penned a tribute to the late Michael K. Williams in a new New York Times op-ed.

The author, writer and producer admitted that he “misread the man from the start,” adding that it was Ed Burns, his writing partner, “who had first spotted Mike’s read for Omar on a tape of two dozen New York auditions a year earlier.” He continued to share a story about how it became tradition for Williams to ask the writers room what they plan on saying with the new eason of The Wire:

“He gave us an astounding gift — an act of faith from a magnificent actor who could have played his hand very differently. Television usually chases its audience — if they love them some Omar, you feed them more Omar. If they can’t stop looking at Stringer, you write more Stringer. Never mind story and theme.

Instead, Mike bent his beautiful mind to a task that even the best writers and show runners often avoid. He thought about the whole story, the whole of the work.

Perhaps more than any in that talented cast, I came to trust Mike to speak publicly to our drama and its purposes, to take personal pride in all that we were trying, however improbably, to build. He became increasingly political as the show aged, and in interviews took to addressing societal and political issues, his arguments ranging well beyond Omar’s arc.”

Williams was found dead in his home in Brooklyn on the afternoon of Monday, September 6, but a cause of death was not revealed.

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