The Undertaker and Triple H Affirm Bad Bunny "Did Us All Proud" in WWE Debut

In the latest episode of LeBron James‘ HBO series The Shop, Bad Bunny revealed what it was like to train for WrestleMania.

Bad Bunny dispels any uncertainty of the authenticity of WWE, emphasizing that it is “100 percent real.” The artist explained that he had no idea the amount of physical work WWE wrestlers put their bodies through to entertain fans for decades. His acknowledgement of the profession garnered the Puerto Rican singer much respect from some the WWE’s greatest legends, including The Undertaker and Triple H.

In response to Bad Bunny’s quote, The Undertaker tweeted, “You did us ALL proud at #WrestleMania. #DeadmanApproved.” Tripple H echoed similar sentiments and even highlighted the effort Bad Bunny put in to train for the big event, “@sanbenito dedicated the time, effort, and passion necessary for a world tour into his performance at #WrestleMania,” he tweeted. “He’s not only a lifelong fan of our business but a member of our @WWE family who earned all of our respect along the way!!!!!”

Bad Bunny’s debut evoked many positive reactions from fans worldwide. Bunny reportedly began training for the match in January with former wrestler Adam Pearce and current WWE wrestler Drew Gulak.

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