The Lost City looks like the light-hearted, hilarious romcom that we’re all in need of right now

The first star-studded trailer for The Lost City has just dropped and it looks like the cheesy new year romcom movie that we’ll be adding straight to our 2022 watchlist.

As we near the end of the year, naturally we start to look ahead to all the brilliant television and films that will be coming to us in 2022.

While 2021 has been a great one for major cinematic releases like House Of Gucci, Eternals and The Power Of The Dog, it’s safe to say that it’s been the year of the big drama. Now, there’s nothing wrong with that but during these long winter nights and endless negative news cycles, sometimes all you want is – dare we say it – something brilliantly cheesy to help with switching off from the world.

Like a shining beacon of romcom goodness, it looks like our film-related prayers have been answered with The Lost City. Now, a brand new trailer has just been released and we can’t get enough. It looks equal parts funny, cringeworthy and downright wild so naturally, we’re ready to watch it now.

You can watch the new trailer for yourself here:

Starring Sandra Bullock as Loretta Sage, an excellent but reclusive author who’s spent her career writing popular romance-adventure novels. Gracing the cover of the books – and embodying the fictional role of one of Loretta’s handsome main characters, Dash, a little too much – is model Alan, played by Channing Tatum.

The two have to tour Loretta’s latest book together but while on her promotional tour, she’s kidnapped by none other than Fairfax (played by Daniel Radcliffe), an eccentric billionaire who wants Loretta to lead him to the ancient city’s lost treasure that she recently wrote about.

Wanting to prove his hero credentials, Alan (Tatum) sets off to rescue Loretta. He says in the trailer: “I’m going to rescue her – I just want her to think of me as more than a cover model.”

In a ridiculously small car as his getaway vehicle, Alan tries to get Loretta off the island. He admits: “I’m certified CPR, certified CrossFit, I have snacks” as he reverses into a tree and the duo trek through tropical jungle, with Bullock still in her previous night’s attire of a fuchsia sequin jumpsuit.

As the pair attempt to climb mountains, wade through murky waters and are faced with bloodsucking leeches, Loretta’s statement of “jungles eat people like us” couldn’t be truer. 

Sandra Bullock, Channing Tatum and Brad Pitt all star in The Lost City.

It looks like a hilarious whirlwind of a movie, and in an unexpected turn of events, Brad Pitt makes an appearance at the end of the trailer.

Flying in with combat boots, a bulletproof vest and taking out Radcliffe’s bodyguards, Loretta asks him: “Why are you so handsome?”

Pitt responds, rather smugly: “My dad was a weatherman.”

We don’t quite know how a romance-adventure novel ends but we’ve got high hopes for this fun film that’s due to be released 25 March 2022.

Wrapping filming back in August this year, Tatum took to Instagram to mark the occasion and gush over how great Bullock was to work with. He wrote: “Well that’s a wrap on #LostCityOfD. I love this movie so much I don’t have words. I also don’t have words for how special Sandy Bullock is. We definitely were made in the same lab and share a brain at times. I love you girl. And as you can see I’ll ride your coattails anywhere anytime forever. Ahahah.”

It’s safe to say that the internet went wild for the new trailer also, proving that we’re all in need of a lighthearted movie: 

We’ve all collectively been “craving” this kind of movie, it seems:

The trailer has solely won over the hearts of many:

And sees Sandra Bullock make her highly anticipated return to the romantic comedy genre:

Channing Tatum was quick to tell fans that those leeches were *actually* real too. Ouch:

The Lost City will be released in UK cinemas nationwide on 25 March 2022.

Images: Kimberley French/Paramount

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