The cast of Everything I Know About Love share 6 exciting details about the new series

With BBC’s Everything I Know About Love coming to our screens next week, Dolly Alderton and the cast have revealed more details about the new series. 

It’s the relatable adaptation series that we’ve been patiently waiting for, and we’re counting down the days (there’s only seven of them) until the premiere of Everything I Know About Love.

Set to air on Tuesday 7 June, the adaptation of the bestselling Dolly Alderton novel is set to be the fun-loving, raucous, female friendship-focused TV show we’ve been waiting for.

We already know what we can expect from the series by way of a trailer and first-look images, but until it hits our screens, we’re left to ponder about some of the series’ other details. How was it adapted from the fan-favourite book? What do the cast think of their characters? How will we all feel after binge-watching it?

Well, ahead of the series’ release, the BBC has shared an insightful set of interviews with Alderton and the cast, who all dig into the process behind the show as well as some rather lovely sentiments about what they want viewers to take away from it. 

The cast of BBC’s adaptation of Dolly Alderton’s Everything I Know About Love.

Everything I Know About Love was optioned as a TV show before Dolly Alderton had finished writing the book

While many of us tore through the original book with the speed of an excited child, Alderton reveals that “it was optioned years ago, before I finished the book”.

She says: “We developed it for a good couple of years and I was working out what elements of the book I wanted to put on screen and fictionalise because the book actually covers my whole life. After it was commissioned, I wrote it all in six months, which I thought was a really long time!

“I never thought the book would be on screen, I was just writing a memoir but when there was interest in it, it made sense because it’s the most vivid period of my life; my 20s, the decade of wilderness and learning.

“It made sense that it would be a good story to put on camera because it wasn’t just about me; it was about this chorus of friends working out what kind of women we wanted to be when we intersected with the adult world.” 

Alderton wants the adaptation to be viewed much like a romantic comedy or drama

Speaking about the important elements of the book that she wanted to retain in the drama, she says: “First and foremost was the central drama of two best girlfriends who’d grown up together and their story as a romantic story.

“By which I mean looking at the ups and downs of their relationship with the same kind of focus and lens as you would in a romantic comedy. So, elevating that friendship to a place of premium drama that’s normally reserved just for romantic relationships.” 

Everything I Know About Love premieres on BBC One on Tuesday 7 June.

The casting process was like “finding a boyfriend”, according to Alderton

“[The casting process] was kind of like finding a boyfriend. It was so like when you meet someone that you like. I remember the first time that I saw Emma in a chemistry test, I just knew it was love. I just knew it had to be,” Alderton reveals. 

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The universal appeal of the show is  pretty much – heartbreak

Talking about the appeal of the upcoming series, Alderton says: “It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, everyone knows or remembers what it is like to have your heart broken.

“Everyone knows what it is to lose someone really close to you who you thought you were going to spend your life with. Everyone knows what it is to try and work out what kind of adult you want to be and feel kind of lost in the adult world.” 

Bel Powley stars as Birdy and Emma Appleton stars as Maggie in BBC’s Everything I Know About Love.

The new series is going to be a hit with millennial women

While we all knew the book was terribly relatable in every sense of the word, the cast of Everything I Know About Love all revealed the same sentiment.

Bel Powley, who stars as Birdy, says: “I was a huge, huge fan of this book when it came out and I think a lot of millennial women were. It feels really special. Everything in this show is completely relatable to me.”

Emma Appleton, who stars as Maggie, says: “I first read the book in the second lockdown and my initial thoughts were just how relatable it was and how funny it was.”

When asked about who she thinks the new series will appeal to the most, Marli Siu (Nell) reveals: “Anyone who’s figuring things out. There’s lots of nostalgia for millennials. But I think there’s a little bit for everyone in there.”

Similarly, Aliyah Odoffin (Amara) says: “The show will appeal to most people and I think there’s elements of everything, so much nostalgia. It offers people a chance to look back at friendships or relationships or moments in their life and think, ‘Oh gosh, I did that.’” 

Emma Appleton stars as Maggie in BBC’s Everything I Know About Love.

You’re going to want to grab your friends for a hug after watching

While the central premise of the new series follows childhood best friends Maggie and Birdy, it really is a love letter to female friendships as a whole. Talking about what she learned from the series, Odoffin says: “It taught me more about friendship… It’s not easy making friends, so when you do, you want to latch onto them for dear life and feel very lucky when you find someone that you think is your best friend.

“Friendships like that take work to maintain; they aren’t easy as you grow in life. Things change and they take work. More than anything, it’s taught me a lot about the complexities of friendships and the rarity of the good ones. 

Marli Siu (Nell), Emma Appleton (Maggie), Bel Powley (Birdy), Aliyah Odoffin (Amara) in BBC’s Everything I Know About Love.

Appleton also shares: “What I’ve learned from the story is how many different kinds of love there are. I think we think that romantic love is the number one thing in our life when, actually, there are so many other aspects that are as important. So it’s not just romantic love, it’s the love for your friends and your family and the love that you have for yourself. Plus how important all those relationships are equally, rather than one of them being a priority.”

When speaking about what audiences can expect from the series, Appleton says people will “laugh” but there will also be “some tears”. Ultimately though, she says: “They will want to go out with their friends and have dinner – just do all of the things you see in the show.”

Siu also confirms that the series is full of “laughter and love but also a lot of heartbreak”, for that reason, she says, audiences will “have a laugh, have a cry. Call your friends.”

Everything I Know About Love will premiere on BBC One on 7 June at 10.40pm, with episodes available to watch on BBC iPlayer. 

Images: BBC

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