Tekla Gets Cozy With Fall 2021 Sleepwear Collection

Copenhagen-based label Tekla has returned with its Fall 2021 release, continuing to elevate sleepwear and bedding through its materials and designs. The latest collection spans everything from flannel sleepwear and dressing gowns to new blankets and bedding colorways.

The collection is captured in a campaign titled “Prism of Light,” which showcases how the Fall 2021 collection is inspired by light changing throughout the day. Launching the new campaign — shot by Inès Manai — Tekla explained the influence, “It is the movement of the sun and moon that drives our Circadian rhythms, which in turn determine what bodily functions are enhanced when the sleep-wake schedule is one of our most prominent Circadian rhythms, which ebb and flow in tandem with the ever-changing natural world around us.”

The introduction of flannel is a new direction for the sleepwear capsule, and sees two checked colorways arriving alongside four plain colors. Other highlights include the Fall 2021 dressing gowns, which also arrive in flannel, as well as the new “Midnight Blue” offering of bedding and blankets constructed from mohair, cashmere and pure new wool.

The first release from Tekla’s Fall 2021 collection includes the flannel sleepwear and dressing gowns, which are available from the brand’s web store now. The “Midnight Blue” bedding is due to arrive on October 29, before the latest blanket capsule launches on November 8.

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