Take a Comfortable Nap On This $550 USD Large Snorlax Cushion Bed

Bandai and The Pokémon Company are preparing for Pokémon Sleep with their latest product: the large Snorlax cushion bed.

Measuring at approximately 60 inches by 50 inches, the massive plush weighs in at approximately 12 kilograms and is billed as a premium upgrade of the Snorlax beanbag from 2021. It also arrives with an accompanying Poké Flute, which measures at around 17 inches, to wake up any guests sleeping on Snorlax. To compare, the 2021 beanbag stood at four feet tall and measured at 45 inches by 40 inches and also arrived with a Ditto version.

Bandai and The Pokémon Company’s Snorlax cushion bed releases in July 2023 for $550 USD, however pre-orders via Premium Bandai are only available in Japan as of writing.

In related news, ANA recently debuted its latest collaborative Pokemon Boeing 787-9 plane, which takes to the skies this summer.
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