Supermodel Christie Brinkley no longer desperate to maintain beach-perfect body

NEW YORK – At age 50, Christie Brinkley said it finally dawned on her that she did not have to maintain a beach-perfect body and make waves anymore.

Speaking to Us Weekly magazine, the supermodel, who just turned 65, said: “Around 50, you start letting yourself off the hook, and you have a real awareness of priorities and what really matters.

“Others’ opinions just don’t have power over you anymore.

“The only opinions that really matter to you are those of the people you love.”

But she did not feel that way when she started to make a name for herself in her early years.

“When I started doing the (magazine) Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue (in 1979), I was very concerned about trying to live up to the image they projected of this hot body in a bathing suit.”

Brinkley, who was once married to singer Billy Joel and is now single, added that she was no longer running a race against time to look good.

“Ageing is inevitable. If I’m lucky, I’m going to be running around as an older woman with my hard-earned wrinkles.

“It’s inevitable,” she noted.

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