Spy: Eric Watson from superyacht to fishing boat

Former Rich Lister Eric Watson has reunited with his children and partner in Ibiza.

Last week Lisa Henrekson shared with her Instagram followers the family together at lunch on the coast in San Antonio at Cala Gracioneta oceanfront restaurant.

Henrekson has been in Ibiza with her three sons since before Watson was last year sentenced to four months in London’s Pentonville Prison for contempt of court over his infamous case with NZ Rich Lister Sir Owen Glenn.

Henrekson’s video is the first time Watson has appeared since he did a media blitz at the end of January, after getting out of prison just before Christmas.

Watson said he was leaving London and heading to Ibiza to perhaps stay at a friend’s house and also jet around Europe for meetings using air miles or a friend’s private jet and pondering declaring bankruptcy. At the same time, Henrekson was experiencing lockdown in the idyllic island with her boys.

The Instagram video posted by the Swedish model had Watson weighing up the pros and cons of superyachts and fishing boats.

Watson showed his son a boat that he thought was pretty cool. His son asked if it was a superyacht, to which Watson replied, “nah, it’s a fishing boat.”

When asked why it wasn’t a superyacht by his son, Watson replied: “Why do we need a superyacht?You can’t go fishing on that.”

The idyllic Spanish tourism mecca will be the perfect setting for Watson to finish his promised tell-all book. Watson told the Herald in January he was 80,000 words into writing a book about his life and his time in prison. The book’s working title, From Penthouse to Pentonville, is a direct adaptation of an earlier Weekend Herald headline.

It promises tales from the prison cell, as well as tell-all exposes about his former Kiwi business peers. The former high-roller is hoping a streaming giant like Netflix will pick up the book and turn it into a series or movie.

Meanwhile, Henrekson is back working as a model in Ibiza. She recently did a shoot with local photographer Maria Simon, who so far, has had the images published in a local publication as well as with Vogue Italia.

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