Spy: Anika Moa and Natasha Utting’s marriage split

High-profile media power couple Anika Moa and Natasha Utting have separated.

Singer and entertainer Moa and journalist Utting first met through mutual friends at a Beyonce concert in 2013. After dating, they moved in together in 2014 when Utting was pregnant with her first child by a sperm donor and Moa already had twin boys from her first marriage.

The pair told Woman’s Day that the first few days were hard but it didn’t take long for their blended family to find their feet and Utting gave birth to a son. A little over a year later Moa asked Utting to marry her and the pair wed in 2017 in a romantic ceremony at Bethells Beach.

Moa told Woman’s Day the proposal was very low-key — she deciding to pop the question while sitting on the couch in her “favourite, black, lucky undies with the holes in them”.
Both brides wore white, with Moa wearing a dress by Miss Crabb and Utting wearing Tanya Carlson. TV funny woman Jaquie Brown conducted the ceremony.

Spy understands the split is amicable. A spokeswoman for Moa told Spy that at this time neither wished to comment.

Two years to the day after walking down the aisle together, Moa gave birth to their daughter, from the same sperm donor who helped Utting conceive her son, bringing their blended family to five.

After 17 years working in radio and television, Utting left behind her supervising producer role at Seven Sharp and is currently working as the communications and media manager for Transmission Gully at CPB Contractors.

Moa, famous as much for her laugh-out-loud interviews as her singing, is part of the Drive Show on The Hits alongside Stacey Morrison and Mike Puru. Early next month she will take to the stage at the Tuning Fork in Auckland to sing her popular album Songs for Bubbas.

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