Someone Call Beyoncé, 'Cause This Singer Deserves a Record Deal After His "Halo" Cover

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Better dial up Beyoncé, because there’s a TikTok singer who deserves her undivided attention. Ja’Darius Flagg, a college student from Mississippi, is getting lots of love on the app for his recent “Halo” cover, and once you hear it you’ll understand why.

Flagg was just enjoying a night with friends on his college campus, when he decided to cover Queen Bey’s hit track. His supportive group was obviously impressed, and cheered him on while recording the moment — saving it for a special day. Well, jump to June 18, when Flagg’s friend Aleasha (@tracee.ellis.sauce) decided to share the clip with the world. It gained 3.5 million likes and over
9 million views in just a few days, and continues to grow in popularity. Someone give this man a record deal, his voice is a gift.

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