SOLDIER's "Passport" Series Sets the Immigration System Straight

London-based artist and athlete SOLDIER has made a name for himself through camouflage paintings that go against the international military system. The Nigerian creative has revealed his latest artwork, dubbed the “Passport” series.

SOLDIER’s latest endeavor details his troublesome relationship with Nigerian police, who brutally stopped him on Lagos’ streets. The experience marked his path to disrupt unjust political boundaries, indicating that his skin color should not determine his status or rights. SOLDIER’s “Passport” series looks to set the immigration system straight, clarifying that legal documents are a right for all.

SOLIDER has crafted four canvas paintings of West African passports with discolored pages that reflect a biased justice system, deeming him a citizen of the world. The campaign captures an airplane Capitan with five stewardesses wearing “SOLDIER AIR” uniforms and posing alongside the paintings with pride.

Take a closer look at SOLDIER’s “Passport” series in the gallery above.

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