Sky Debuts Its First Smart Streaming TV

Sky has launched a new streaming TV called Sky Glass. Integrating hardware, software and content, the cutting-edge model offers Sky TV over WiFi, meaning it doesn’t require a satellite dish or box to operate.

For its venture into hardware, Sky Glass offers its viewers a 4K HD screen and six powerful speakers, optimal viewing and sound quality. It also prioritizes energy efficiency, with built-in low-power features such as auto-switch-off and auto-adjusting screen brightness.

Sky partnered with the agency Map Project Office to design the TV, which is available in three sizes — ranging from 43 inches (109 centimeters) to 65 inches (165 centimeters) — and five colorways, with choices including blue, white, black, green and pink, as well as matching remotes. Utilizing only one wire and plug, the smart TV is at the vanguard of clutterless design. A mounting bracket comes integrated into the back of the TV or customers can opt for a stand.

As for its advanced smart capabilities, Sky Glass operates using voice and motion technology, so that saying “Hello Sky” or walking past will wake up the TV, opening a homepage where channels and apps are accessible. Users can also use their voices to find what they are looking for or adjust the volume.

Sky Glass is available for purchase in the United Kingdom beginning on October 18, in either one-go or via interest-free monthly payments. It’s scheduled to roll out in other European markets starting in 2022.

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