Sideswipe: February 19: How to make passengers anxious at night

Password protected from yourself

Almost 10 years ago, programmer Stefan Thomas created an animated video titled “What Is Bitcoin” for a Bitcoin enthusiast in Switzerland. He was of course paid in Bitcoin, 7,002 Bitcoins which were only worth around $2 each, which is still pretty good for a short and relatively simple animation. Bitcoins are now worth around US$50,000, making his Bitcoin worth $350,100,000. What a windfall, a tale of good fortune and patience. Not so fast …Thomas kept the Bitcoin on his encrypted IronKey hard drive.
The IronKey gives whoever is trying to access it 10 password guesses before making it inaccessible to anyone. Ten years on, Thomas can’t remember the password and has lost the piece of paper he wrote it down on. He has used eight of his 10 guesses. Two more, and it’s gone. One Twitter user suggests: “Make this into a movie where he has to retrace his steps from 10 years ago and reconnects with some long-lost love he thinks is the basis for the password but is not – he loses the money but gains something more.”

Editor of the Lilliput Echo writes…

Liverpool journalist Liam Thorp tweets about an amusing vaccine mix-up:”So I’m not getting a vaccine next week – was feeling weird about why I’d been selected ahead of others so rang GP to check. Turns out they had my height as 6.2cm rather than 6 ft 2, giving me a BMI of 28,000. I mean I’ve put on a few pounds in lockdown but not that many. Don’t mind me guys, I’m just here living my 6.2 cm, 17.5 stone (111kg) best life. When I told my mum I had been classed in the clinically obese category, she said ‘well perhaps this is the wake-up call you need’. Coming soon: Tom Thumb’s summer body workout plan.”

I think we all know how..

Did you know…

1. A new podcast is launched somewhere in the world every 30 seconds.
2. In 2014, a Chinese noodle shop was caught adding opium to their noodles to keep customers coming back.
3. In 2018, a Belgian bar had such problems with people stealing their glassware they demanded customers give up their shoe as a deposit.
4. The Woman Who Did, an 1895 novel by Grant Allen, suggested women should be free to have children out of wedlock. This shocked so many people that other authors responded with The Woman Who Didn’t, The Woman Who Wouldn’t, and The Man Who Didn’t.

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