Serban Ionescu Releases Functional Cabinet Sculpture via Case Studyo

Halloween may be over, but a new cabinet sculpture by Romanian artist Serban Ionescu will keep spooky season hanging on walls all-year round.

Made in collaboration with Case Studyo, the artwork was inspired by a series of masks that Ionescu once observed hanging at his great uncle Nelu’s house. “I wanted to make a masked cabinet in the true essence of the mask, which is, from the folk mask to the rubber halloween mask, meant to carry an element of horror in order to scare off evil spirits,” said the artist in a statement.

The functional wall sculpture can be “approached with frightening thrill. But it can also help you overcome your fear; go beyond and open it. Now you are in control. You can put anything you want in it and fill it with whatever helps you not to be afraid… that or your daily tchotchkes,” Ionescu added.

As an edition of ten, plus two artist proofs, Nelu is cast in aluminum and painted with automotive lacquer. The sculpture sizes at 7.08 x 16.53 x 9.45-inches and comes signed and numbered by the artist in a custom screen printed box.

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