Savannah Guthrie Didn't Mince Words With This Instagram Troll Who Said She Looks 'Old'

Today Show co-host Savannah Guthrie is putting her followers on notice — if you have nothing nice to say to her, she will clap back with a little humor. The 50-year-old broadcaster handled herself with total class after a troll rudely commented on one of her posts, “You look so old Savannah what happened to you.”

Guthrie could have shared that account name with her one million followers, instead, she crossed out their handle and responded with grace. “I love my fans,” she wrote underneath a snapshot of the comment that she uploaded to her Instagram Story. She then screen-capped her response to the less-than-kind follower, “I aged!” with a laughing emoji and she added “Bahahahaha” across the post.

She handled the unnecessary comment like a champ, but it’s a reminder that aging is a privilege, and everyone should honor that. Instead of cutting people down for their appearance, why don’t we celebrate a successful woman, who is not only a journalist but also a lawyer? But Guthrie has the best outlook on getting older, telling four years ago, “Sometimes people say, ‘I can see your wrinkles.’ Well, that’s true. I do have some wrinkles. I call them smile lines. They’re from smiles and laughing, and those are the best kind of wrinkles.”

Guthrie is human and has feelings just like the rest of us. Her job might be more high-profile, but the thoughtfulness we are (hopefully) extending to our family and friends should also happen on social media. We should all be so fortunate to live a long, healthy life and embrace a wrinkle or two.

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