‘Saturday Night Live’ cold open has Jeff Sessions saying his final goodbyes

Saturday Night Live returned with another cold open, this time featuring Jeff Sessions, played by Kate McKinnon, packing up his office belongings after U.S. President Donald Trump asked him to resign earlier in the week.

Sessions comes out from the bottom of his desk, where he was waiting hoping to give the new attorney general a scare.

He starts to pack things in a box, which he claims is the one he was born in.

First, Sessions packs his bible, which he “justified a lot of bad things with.”

Sessions then later packs his favourite mug, which says, “It’s not about hatred, it’s about heritage,” with a picture of a Confederate flag on it. Seconds later, Sessions pulls out a smaller mug that says, “JK it is about hatred”.

Vice President Mike Pence comes to give his farewell to Sessions, and Sessions confesses he is confused as to why he was fired.

“I put kids in cages, said no to gays, what more do you want?” Sessions asked to a spaced out Pence.

“Sorry, I heard gays in cages and went somewhere crazy,” Pence responded.

Sessions then finds the keys he would shake to get Trump’s attention during meetings, and after doing so, inadvertently gets the attention of Trump’s two sons, Don Jr. and Eric Trump.

They show Sessions a hand turkey that their dad helped make, with the middle finger sticking up.

Sessions then breaks into Adele’s hit song “Someone Like You”  while reminiscing on all the times he has spent with Trump, and is soon joined by Robert Mueller, who is leading the investigation into Trump, played by Robert De Niro.

They both have a moment as they reflect on the deep meaning of the song in somberness.

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