Samuel Ross' 'COARSE' Exhibition Connects "Body, Material, Meaning, and Memory"

British designer Samuel Ross has opened the doors to his second solo exhibition and first in New York City. Located in Chelsea, Friedman Benda‘s art gallery welcomes Ross with open arms as he presents COARSE.

The A-COLD-WALL* founder creates bespoke furniture with industrial outlines, linking “body, material, meaning, and memory” from a geographical standpoint. COARSE designates a space for community and takes inspiration from the West African diaspora. Every artwork evokes a specific feeling, merging self and matter for a dual-conscious effect.

The exhibition sees industrialized materials such as firewood, metal, stone, and marble bonded with turmeric, honey, and milk to awaken “memories” within. The raw components collide to create technical benches with rugged edges and tinted pockets, while tables receive gradient finishes. Angular marble slabs are connected with vibrant pole structures, injecting modernism into ancient elements.

Take a closer look at Samuel Ross’ COARSE exhibition above. It is on view now at Friedman Benda in New York City.

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