Sammi Cheng urges fans to go green at her upcoming concerts

If you are planning to buy bouquets of flowers for Sammi Cheng for her upcoming concerts, donate the money instead to the Hong Kong Cancer Fund.

That is the call made by the Cantopop queen in a video clip on her official Instagram account. She will be holding 13 concerts at the Hong Kong Coliseum from Friday (July 12) to July 27.

In another clip on Instagram, the 46-year-old superstar said that her concerts would not provide pong pong sticks for fans as she noted that providing everyone with two pong pong sticks over 13 concerts would produce about 260,000 pieces of garbage after the events. She suggested downloading an app and using mobile phones to light up the concerts.

The Beautiful Life singer said that she and her agency made the decision in a bid to go green and save the environment.

Cheng has been posting updates on her Instagram on her preparations for the concerts, including working out and maintaining her vocal cords. She lost her voice at her concert in 2016.

She also looked cheerful in the social media updates as she seemed to have moved on from the April cheating scandal involving her husband, singer Andy Hui, and actress Jacqueline Wong.

十三場的演唱會,如果每埸每人派發兩枝pong pong stick, (或螢光棒) 就會製造和永久留下了二十六萬枝廢物, 所以,在細意權衡之下, mi和公司選擇了環保為大前題 #這是歷史性的開始,為了我們已經被破壞得七七八八的生態環境,值得儘最大努力,做得幾多得幾多. ? 沒有了我們一向慣常的全場pong pong stick, 但我們大家卻為環保作出了努力,#生態環境會為我們所有人的努力和願望改變而微笑喔! 請download #inEVENT 這個apps,免費的,就可以用手機代替螢光棒? #其實觀眾真摯熱情的掌聲遠勝pongpongstick? #儘量不要膠下去 #凡事都有第一次 #坐言起行 #其真的很困難在生活範圍或工作上完全沒有用到塑膠所以大家就在可以的範圍之內盡量作出努力吧? DOWNLOAD: #inEVENT 就可以把手機當作螢光棒用

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