Rising Manchester Brand SKITZO Reveals Its "Urban Tetris" Collection for FW22

Emerging Manchester-based label SKITZO has just presented its latest collection for Fall/Winter 2022 and it explores the versatility of denim.

Throughout Manchester, there’s an abundance of labels that are representing the rainy city to the fullest. For example, Drama Call and Clints are driving fans into frenzies with their off-the-cuff release tactics for their oversized, skate-influenced designs. Elsewhere, Gramm is continuing to break the mold of technical fashion with luminous color palettes, and now SKITZO is experimenting with denim like never before.

This new “URBAN TETRIS” collection from SKITZO features 12 unisex pieces stretching across a melange of jeans, jackets, tote bags, and art pieces. And while the collection is dominated by denim, each style comes with its own unique twist, whether that’s a ripped aesthetic or a cleaner silhouette with intricately-embroidered details.

Collection highlights come in the form of the new collard jackets that come in a distressed style, while the denim has been dyed in various hues — such as blue and purple — to give the collection a more abstract finish and to coincide with the brand’s ethos of being able to wear “wearable art.” Other stand-outs include the straight-leg jeans which come with a collection of uniform rips from the thigh, down to the ankle.

As a whole, the “URBAN TETRIS” collection is a well-rounded one, packed with experimental efforts and styles that can easily slide into a wardrobe rotation, and while the overall saturation of the U.K. streetwear market is more packed than ever, SKITZO’s individualist approach to the scene is more considerable for a brand of its current size.

You can take a closer look at the new “URBAN TETRIS” collection from SKITZO above and the collection will be available across three weekly instalments across November and the start of December on the brand’s official website.

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