Rick Ross Voices Support for LGBTQ Community, Stating Hip-Hop Has “Already Embraced” Them

In a recent interview with Funky Dineva, Rick Ross voiced his support for the LGBTQ community in hip-hop. His comments come after the rapper was called out in 2018 for using a homophobic slur in his feature on the Meek Mill track “What’s Free” when referencing 6ix9ine.

Towards the end of the conversation, Dineva asked Ross, “What is your take on gay rappers, like [Saucy] Santana perhaps, coming into the game?” Without skipping a beat, Ross answered, “I’m not familiar with the name Santana, but live your life, chase your dreams, and go hard, man. Go hard.” The rapper was then asked another question regarding whether or not he thinks that the LGBTQ community has been embraced by hip-hop, to which he says, “I believe hip-hop has already embraced it. Without a doubt. Yeah.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Ross was asked to give his thoughts on the support Miami artists receive in comparison to those from other cities around the nation. He shares, “Imma be honest. There’s nothing that I really want to lock into because I feel like Miami artists could be just as big as any artist in the world. What we gotta accept and realize is we so dope, we so unique, we do things that a lot of people take years to [do]. That vibe we have in Miami, in Carol City, in Liberty City, in Overtown, whatever it is, it’s such a unique vibe. It takes others many, many years to catch on to, but once they do, it’s priceless.”

Watch the full interview above.

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