PXG Presents "One Putt" and "Fit & Hit" Challenges at the HYPEGOLF Japan Invitational

PXG has reserved a substantial reputation for being an avant-garde golf club manufacturer, making their way to building a community worldwide. The Arizona-based golf brand was set up at the HYPEGOLF Japan Invitational with a “One Putt” and “Fit & Hit” Challenge that took place on the driving range portion at Eagle Point Golf Club in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan.

PXG’s fitting specialists have been viewed among the best in the business, working as both manufactures and fitting specialists, educated by the builders who had a hand in designing PXG clubs. And they’re avid golfers as well, following founder Bob Parsons’ motto, “I’m interested in one thing, and that’s making the finest golf equipment money can buy. If we do that and we never lose sight of that, PXG will be the most sought-after golf company in the world.”

PXG produced this fitting experience for those looking to hit and test out “0211” and “GEN4” clubs. Golf enthusiasts of all levels were fitted on-site according to their skill set and individual swing. All HYPEGOLF attendees that participated in this activation were guided with tips to enhance their swings and posture to offer optimal performance. One male and one female winner was chosen from both the “One Putt” and “Fit & Hit” challenges to claim a driver and putter prize. Through the two challenges, PXG taught the 120 guests who attended the event the fun of golf.

Alongside the activations, the inaugural HYPEGOLF Japan Invitational hosted a tournament game of golf for the 120 guests, acting as an exclusive golf experience and opportunity at the Eagle Point Golf Club in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan. The roster of attendees consisted of artists, models, and fashionistas.

Check out the PXG activation’s recap photos above and learn more about the latest products from the Arizona-based golf brand.
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