‘Pretentious foodie’ mum mocked after saying son won’t be the ‘kids menu type’

An unnamed mum who questions why kids menus exist has been criticised by other parents online.

The self-proclaimed ‘pretentious foodie’ wrote a post about how pleased she is that her son has started eating solid foods, adding that he won’t be the ‘kids menu kind’ – and it’s been mocked by other mums.

It reads: "So excited for [name] to start solids next month. Also being the somewhat pretentious foodie I am, he sure as hell will not be a "kids menu" kind of child. Kind of hate those things even exist."

A screenshot of the post has been shared on the Sactimommy Facebook page where other parents are finding it hilarious.

Most parents will know that little ones can get a penchant for some very specific ingredients, and once they get a taste for something it can be all they ever want to eat henceforth – making trying new things difficult.

Parents on the internet quickly shut the mum’s idea down, with some saying that kids menus are actually very useful for young children because of just how picky they become.

One wrote: "I can’t wait until she has to order, through bitter tears, macaroni and cheese with a side of macaroni and cheese because that’s literally the only thing her kid will eat, anywhere. It will be glorious."

Another said: "Get ready to join the buttered noodle club Karen."

A third joked: "My 15 month old would NEVER eat uncivilized "kid’s menu" food. He prefers the elegantly aged floor snack of questionable food status."

Another mum said that she likes to take her kids to restaurants to try different cuisines from around the world, but they just order chicken nuggets no matter what.

"It’s worked great- they now order chicken nuggets at Japanese restaurants, chicken nuggets at Mexican restaurants and chicken nuggets at Mediterranean restaurants," she wrote.

Perhaps she’ll come around to the kids menu eventually…

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