Pirate Simulator 'Skull and Bones' Announces November Release Date

After four years of delays, Ubisoft‘s long-awaited pirate simulator Skull and Bones is finally releasing later this year. First announced back in 2017, the game already had a playable demo at the time, but the project seemed to have gone quiet after 2018. As Ubisoft now explains, the game took a new direction halfway through its development, as the company wanted it to be a more realistic experience than they had originally intended.

As it stands, the game is an open-world pirate adventure game where players can form crews and enter into PvP servers to sail the high seas and battle other pirate ships for rewards and loot. As you’d expect, you’ll start off with a smaller ship and progress to larger ones as you win more battles, crafting new items and managing your assets while growing your crew. If you lose a battle and your ship sinks, you’ll have to start all over again, although it’s possible to retrieve your cargo as long as another pirate doesn’t get to it first.

For those interested, Skull and Bones will arrive on November 8.

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