Pink Reveals She & Husband Carey Hart Are in Couples Counseling

Never one to back away from a candid conversation, Pink is getting real about the one thing that makes her relationship with husband Carey Hart work and strengthens her mental health: couples counseling. The revelation that Pink and Hart have been in couples counseling for a large chunk of their 17-year relationship — which includes 13 years of marriage — came out during a recent sit-down with Carson Daly on Today. During Daly’s interview with Pink, the singer got honest about why attending to your mental health is so necessary and why she and Hart need couples counseling.

Don’t think for a second that counseling is a sign of trouble when it comes to Pink and Hart. Much like Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell, couples counseling has been a necessary tool and key ingredient in keeping Pink and Hart’s relationship strong and their family — which includes daughter Willow, 8, and son Jameson, 3 — intact. Speaking with Daly about the importance of caring for one’s own mental health, Pink discussed her own experiences.

“Carey and I have been in couple’s counseling almost our entire 17 years we’ve been together. It’s the only reason we’re still together,” she tells Daly.

When Daly probes her further, she expands, saying they sought help because “he speaks Polish, I speak Italian and she [our therapist] speaks both. We do not speak the same language,” going on to say that “we come from broken families and we had no model of how are we supposed to keep this family together and live this crazy life? And there’s no model. There’s no book that says, ‘Here’s how to do this.’ So we go to counseling and it works.”

As far as we’ve seen from what this couple shares with the world, Pink and Hart’s relationship has certainly grown and strengthened over the years. The pair first met back in 2001 at the X Games. The couple briefly separated in 2003 but reconciled and by 2005, Pink had proposed to Hart. The couple went through another period of separation in 2008 before entering into therapy and officially reunited in 2010. Their first child together, Willow, arrived in 2011.

Pink’s commitment to being honest with her fans about the ways in which she and Hart work on their marriage is refreshing. If anything, it proves these two are committed to making their relationship work, even when it’s tough as hell.

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