Peacock Teases ‘Twisted Metal’ Series Adaptation Starring Anthony Mackie

Sony is no stranger to adapting its PlayStation games into films or TV shows, most recently, the HBO adaptation of The Last of Us. For its latest project, the company is unearthing the Twisted Metal franchise.

Gamers today may be unfamiliar with Twisted Metal, which rolled out its first game in 1996. Taking on a demolition derby style, users utilize machine guns, mines and other projectiles to take down their opponents while on a high-speed car chase.

Peacock has now shared the first teaser for the Twisted Metal show. The video doesn’t offer any details about the plot but reveals protagonist Anthony Mackie as an unnamed – but thoroughly armed – driver.

“Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines,” Mackie says after popping in a CD. He proceeds to speed away with machine guns attached to the roof of his car blazing.

Twisted Metal will premiere on Peacock on July 27. Stay tuned for future trailers for the show.

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