Paul Verdell’s Paintings Capture the Ephemerality of a Given Moment

Library Street Collective is showcasing the latest installment of its Anatomy series on rising Detroit-based artist, Paul Verdell.

The online exhibition showcases his instinctual mark-making across 11 new works that include drawings, portraits and still lifes. The artist trades away precision for fluidity, as he depicts his subject through the vivacity of oils and pastels. These quick compositions capture the ephemerality of a given moment, allowing the viewer the freedom to piece the rest of the scene.

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Verdell paints subjects close to his life, such as Cyd, an artist he befriended when he first moved to Detroit; along with Reunion, which depicts a family wedding from his childhood that he only has a vague memory. In the latter, Verdell has included choice symbols like a bucket hat — an accessory that is both retro and of the moment. The painting floats between nostalgia and contemporaneity, as do many of his corresponding works.

Anatomy: Paul Verdell is viewing online at Library Street Collective until December 18.

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