PacSun Links With Youth Culture Brand Coney Island Picnic for a New Capsule Collection

Buffering its ethos to remain invested in generational street style (while celebrating cool Americana), PacSun has linked up with youth culture brand Coney Island Picnic for a new capsule collection for Summer 2022.

The exclusive collaboration has been titled “CONEYCOIN,” and is in part an homage to CIP’s brand name as well as its studious observation of the crypto and NFT market. The new CC collection and campaign highlights bold colors, digital graphics and vintage-style tops and bottoms while referencing the wealth boom of today’s digital currency space in comparison to the ‘80s and ‘90s Wall Street era.

Organic cotton comprises the run of fleece and T-shirt options, while logo font decals adorn thinly knitted polo shirts, cardigans and trucker hats. A muted color palette of pale blue, white, brown and beige make up the majority of collection items, while throwback computer equipment – desktop monitors and keyboards – helps emphasize the collab’s digital fashion component.

Talking up the inspiration behind both brands coming together, CIP’s Creative Director, Ryan Wood, says, “We are super excited to partner with PacSun on this capsule collection. The CONEYCOIN collection is inspired by the meteoric rise of cryptocurrency and the newly minted wealth it has created, especially for a younger generation.”

“The collection takes design nods from vintage computer ads of the 1980’s and 1990’s, yet twisted in a forward-thinking, unexpected way,” Wood adds.

Collection items are available now at PacSun stores and on the brand’s website, with prices ranging from $30 USD to $79 USD.

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