Noel Gallagher misgenders Sam Smith and labels them a ‘a f*****g idiot’

Noel Gallagher slammed singer Sam Smith and misgenders them in an explosive interview about the current state of the pop music industry.

The 55-year-old former Oasis bandmember shared his feelings on the Unholy hitmaker and referred to them as ‘him’.

Sam – who uses the pronouns they/them – was brought up during a chat about pop music and was labelled a ‘f***ing idiot’ by the star.

‘Music has become quite fractured and chart music is dominated by pop,’ Noel told Dutch radio station Kink.

He continued: ‘Pop music is alright if the pop stars are cool. Sadly the stars of today are f***ing idiots.’

The Wonderwall singer was then asked who he was referring to as an ‘uncool’ artist to which he fired back: ‘Sam Smith’. 

Probed further to explain why he had his opinions about Sam, Noel seemed to disregard the star’s pronouns when he simply replied: ‘Look at him!’.

The I’m Not Here To Make Friends artist revealed they had changed their gender pronouns back in 2019 after they admitted they received shocking backlash for their decision.

They revealed they had been harassed on the streets of England since coming out during a conversation with Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1.

‘I think all the only negatives in the struggle have been in my public life and my job. And just the amount of hate and s****ness that came my way was just exhausting,’ they shared.

Sam continued: ‘It was in the f****** news. Someone spat at me in the street. It’s crazy.

‘What I find hard about it is it’s like, if that’s happening to me and I’m famous, I’m a pop star, can you imagine what other kids, like queer kids are feeling?

‘And it’s just so sad that we’re in 2023 and it’s still happening. It’s exhausting and especially in England.

‘So we’ve got two sides, really. My personal life and then my public life. And in my personal life, there’s not one negative.

‘My family, they can communicate with me. They always did. But they communicate with me now in an even better way.

‘My love life has become better from it. I feel lovable. I feel comfortable in my skin, but I wear what I want to wear.

‘Since changing my pronouns, it felt like a coming home. I wish I knew what the words were when I was in school, because I would’ve identified as that in school. Because it is who I am and it’s who I’ve always been.’ contacted Sam and Noel’s reps for comment.

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