Nissin Brings Maple Syrup, Pancakes, Sausage, and Egg to Cup Noodles

Despite being associated with late-night cravings, Cup Noodles are now taking over mornings. Nissin recently put together a Breakfast-flavored take on its iconic Cup Noodles that offers a unique take on the quick and easy meal.

The limited-edition offering from Nissin sees the instant ramen take on the taste of a classic breakfast. Cup Noodles Breakfast flavor is said to blend ramen with the flavors of maple syrup, pancakes, sausage, and egg for a true breakfast experience. Tied together by a “sauce,” the breakfast in a cup pack classic diner flavor with“visible ingredients” of sausage and eggs. Nissin also encourages people to customize the offering with hot sauce, more syrup, or even rice.

Priced at $1.18 USD, the limited-edition Nissin’s Cup Noodles Breakfast flavor is available now at Walmart.

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