Nintendo Drops Next Big Switch Game Aimed at Budding Game Designers

Nintendo has dropped its next big game for Switch, and this time it is one that players have to build themselves. The company officially revealed Game Builder Garage, designed to provide beginners the tools to learn the basics of game design and programming.

Game Builder Garage builds off of previous Nintendo project ideas including the DIY series of Labo experiences and Super Mario Maker. Though it may appear to emphasize visual programming and features pre-built lessons and games, the core of the game aims to provide a playful use of cute characters to improve gaming design learning.

Similar to Super Mario Maker players are can move back and forth between playing and building in order to rapidly generate and build on ideas. The game uses different control options including Joycon controllers, touchscreen or a USB mouse.

Game Builder Garage comes with seven pre-mde games, ranging from a 3D platformer to a multiplayer game of tag, to a side-scrolling shooter. The tutorials teach the players how they were built and even show the players from scratch. Each game is broken down into several steps and basic concepts. Aside from the seven pre-made games, there is also a “free programming” mode where players can choose to build whatever they want.

Game Builder Garage launches on June 11 on the Nintendo Switch.

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