Newly Released Date Details Show Emily Ratajkowski & Eric André's Unexpected Fling May Be Getting More Serious

It’s a tale as old as time, when a fling turns into something much more, despite you going in not thinking about that at all. While many thought Emily Ratajkowski and Eric André were just a vacay fling, it seems there may be something much more going on.

Per Page Six, the My Body author and André have gone on at least two dates this past week (and the snapshots of their latest outing show them smiling from ear to ear like school children!) Speaking of this past week, they’ve been seen out having fancy dinners together at La Ligne at Fouquet’s in downtown Manhattan, an Italian restaurant called Via Carota in the West Village, and the Eric André Show star even met up with her at the studio where she records her podcast. It seems these two can’t get enough of each other!

While Ratajkowski has said she’s keeping her dates at a fling level, things may change for André. On one of the latest episodes of her High Low podcast, she talked about how the paparazzi are playing a big part in how dating has been so difficult. “I’ve been trying to casually date and not get cuffed up, and it’s been hard to do that and be kind of mindful of the people that I’m seeing,” she said. “Any time I go on another date, everybody knows. So the other guys I’m dating see it, and it has been kind of difficult because of course they’re like, ‘Didn’t talk to her last night,’ and then there are pictures of me out to dinner with someone else. It sucks.”

Ever since Ratajkowski’s divorce from Sebastian Bear-McClard, she’s been seen having a great time with people like Pete Davidson, DJ Orazio Rispo, and Jack Greer, along with André being the latest. They were seen smooching it up on vacay a few weeks ago, and it seems the fun times with Ratajkowski and André keep going!

Whether this is a fling or something indicative of more, we just hope everyone is having a good time.

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