New Trailer Reveals New 'Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero' Gohan Transformation

After receiving the worldwide release dates for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, and new trailer has surfaced revealing how some other characters look in new charged-up forms.

On top of showing glimpses of “Orange” Piccolo and Cell Max, one anime clip is getting Dragon Ball Super fans excited as it features a new Saiyan form for Gohan.

Creator Akira Toriyama revealed that this new form, now called “Son Gohan Beast,” was originally supposed to be much more menacing with Gohan sporting pale skin from the transformation. In the end, Toriyama felt the look didn’t quite fit Gohan, so instead, elected to show how a wild beast within him has awakened. For the clip, we see that his Super Saiyan emerald eyes are now red, and his hair has elements of SSJ2 mixed with Ultra Instinct.

In other anime news, Spy x Family Season 1 sub-finale airs next week.
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