Netflix Releases Official Trailer for 'Neymar: The Perfect Chaos'

Netflix has released the official trailer for its new documentary Neymar: The Perfect Chaos, following the meteoric rise of Paris Saint-Germain forward Neymar Jr., who is widely regarded as one of the best footballers in the world.

The upcoming trailer will dive into Neymar’s legacy thus far as well as his early life in São Paulo, Brazil, and private life outside of football. Known for having a dynamic and unruly personality, Neymar has often landed himself in the media spotlight, sometimes for the wrong reasons.

The upcoming documentary features interviews with Neymar’s teammates, competitors, and some of the best football stars of all time including Lionel Messi, David Beckham, Kylian Mbappé, Luis Suarez, and Ángel Di María. “Everything he does is about entertainment,” said Beckham in the trailer. News commentators are also heard holding no punches saying, “You’re one of the best players ever. What is your problem?”

“I started playing early, got famous early, got rich early, everything went from zero to 100,” said Neymar. “I didn’t choose to be a superstar. I’d much rather be anonymous than famous. I know the responsibility I have. It’s my life. I won’t stop just to please you.”

View the Netflix trailer above, and expect Neymar: The Perfect Chaos to premiere as a three-part docuseries on January 25.

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