After introducing the PRO GELFIRE MYTHIC FULL AUTO BLASTER, Hasbro‘s NERF has unveiled a sidearm accompaniment with the “NERF PRO GELFIRE LEGION BLASTER.” Recommended for outdoor use, the release builds on NERF’s emerging PRO GELFIRE line based around hydrated rounds that burst on impact.

NERF PRO GELFIRE rounds come dehydrated, after being rehydrated with water and can be fired from blasters at a high velocity without needing to pick up rounds.

The NERF PRO GELFIRE LEGION BLASTER is a new high-performance massive-capacity blaster with spring action priming and no batteries required. Accompanying the Slam Fire action is a 130-round capacity hopper and 5,000 dehydrated NERF PRO GELFIRE soft super absorbent polymer projectiles. The innovative design includes a trigger lock to prevent accidental firing and certified protective eyewear.

Priced at $20 USD, the NERF PRO GELFIRE LEGION BLASTER will be available at most major retailers later this month.

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