Nature inFocus Announces Winners of 2023 Photography Awards

Nature inFocus is a three-day Indian festival that looks to gather all the nation’s premier wildlife photographers, filmmakers and conservationists under one roof. The organization recently announced the winners of its annual photography awards, and has come to be expected with the competition, the results are extraordinary.

Spanning the fields of wildlife and animal behavior to conservation and creative photography, each image spotlights a raw and unapologetic look at the laws of nature, emphasizing the constant tussle between life and death. More than just a spotlight on wildlife, many of the photographs seek to bridge the gap between the animal kingdom and that of humanity, such as in Christian Ziegler’s portrait of a bonobo ape. Considered as one of our closest living relatives, Ziegler captured a bonobo as it protects a baby mongoose pup as its pet.

Under the surface, Tom Shlesinger captured an Atlantic goliath grouper as its surrounded by a school of bigeyed scads that encircle the giant fish in such a way, that the composition appears as if an Impressionist painting. There are also a number of photographs that paint a poignant picture on the adverse effects humans are having on the neighboring wildlife, such as in Hiren Pagi’s aerial shot of the Vishwamitri River in the city of Vadodara. Home to 270 mugger crocodiles, the river has become increasingly contaminated by human intervention.

Going on its ninth year, Nature inFocus seeks to cultivate conversations around pertinent wildlife concerns, while spotlighting the best creative photography and films from the great outdoors. Check out a selection of the 2023 photography award winners in the gallery above.

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