Namacheko Pays Homage to The Ancient Mesopotamian Plains For FW22

Namacheko has drawn inspiration from the Ancient Mesopotamian Plains for its Fall/Winter 2022 collection, the point where the Tigris and Euphrates flow through modern day Iraq.

Co-founded by Sweden-based brother-and-sister duo Dilan and Lezan Lurr, Namacheko is the perfect combination of Scandinavian design and minimalism, combined with deeply rooted notes from the pair’s Middle Eastern Iraqi and Kurdish heritage.

“I started out the collection by thinking very Mesopotamian. It is where I am from, and it gives me a sense of pride,” said Dilan Lurr of the collection. “I was thinking about the kings— Nebuchadnezzar, Gilgamesh, Lugalzagesi—everything from Uruk to the new Babylonian dynasty. It was the birth of knowledge and civilization as we know it.”

Transforming the rich cultural trends and vast vibrant landscapes into specific design elements, the collection pays homage to the Ancient Mesopotamian Plains, through stand-out patterns, textured finishes and myriad of color. What’s more, the models in the show play heroes in the ordinary world, looking for their own spiritual rubbings.

You can view each look in the slideshow above and take a look at the show in full below.

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