More 'Skate 4' Leaks Featuring Gameplay Footage and Map Layouts Have Surfaced

EA‘s upcoming Skate 4 seems to be leaking left and right, with more surfacing now showcasing even more gameplay footage as well as offering a glimpse of how some of the maps may look like.

The new round of leaks come from Reddit user Parzalai, who managed to capture footage of the game running in its pre-alpha stage. Given how early it still is in development, there’s obviously still a lot of work to do on the game, but the video clips nonetheless give fans of the franchise a first look at how some of the gameplay mechanics and animations would work and look like.

So far, the game’s flow looks a lot more polished than in previous installments, and players are also able to do much more when they’re off the board and not just on the board, including sliding or rolling around on the ground. Another interesting feature is a new multiplayer map called Fun City featuring a much larger area than the small zones in Skate 3, and many more players can get together on the same server to hang out and skate.

If you’re interested in checking out some of the new leaks, you can head over to Parzalai’s original Reddit post. Industry insiders expect more will be revealed for Skate 4 sometime this month.

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