Montell Fish Follows Debut Album 'JAMIE' With Eerie 7-Track EP ‘Her Love Still Haunts Me Like a Ghost’

Ahead of Halloween weekend, Brooklyn-based artist Montell Fish has shared his new EP, Her Love Still Haunts Me Like A Ghost. The project chases up on Fish’s critically-acclaimed debut album, JAMIE, which debuted just this July.

Building on the distinct lo-fi production style Fish gave listeners in JAMIE, Her Love Still Haunts Me Like A Ghost sees the singer turn towards a darker, more transgressive R&B style.

On his already-hit single “Hotel,” Fish cuts harsh static with powerful strikes of electric guitar, while “Every Night” employs a rhythmic, trance-like club beat.

Speaking to HYPEBEAST earlier this month, Fish described the EP as a “transitional project,” bridging JAMIE and his forthcoming album CHARLOTTE. A later album, entitled MARSHALL, will form a trilogy centered on the different stages of grief.

“Each project is a different emotion of when you lose someone, whether that be in a relationship or an actual death,” he said. I wanted to show how I’m, in real-time, processing it through these projects.”

Fish will be supporting the EP on his first headlining tour around the United States, kicking off tonight with a show in Somerville, Massachusetts. Later stops include Washington D.C., Brooklyn, Chicago, Atlanta and more.

Listen to Montell Fish’s new EP Her Love Still Haunts Me Like A Ghost.

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